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Transcribing Audio and Video.
At Translane, we convert your audio content to a text file. Our transcribers are native professionals in you language and field. We therefore promise quality to all our customers. At Translane African translations, we cover all African languages. Besides Africa, We are connected to International languages transcribers like English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese and we commit to deliver in a turnaround time.

Some Fields we transcribe.
Never worry, we have you covered. We have professional transcribers in all fields. • Academic transcription • Book transcription • Business transcription • Call transcription • Dictation transcription • Financial transcription • General transcription • Interview transcription • Legal transcription • Market research transcription • Media transcription • Medical transcription • Recording transcription • Religious transcription • Research transcription • Seminar transcription • Speech transcription

Files we work on
All your file type is accepted here. We work on MP4, CD, DVD, MP3, MPEG, AVI, WAV and many more

How we ensure 99.9% accurate.
To close any error that may happen during the transcription process, we take these four steps to ensure Quality, accuracy and Timely delivery. 1. TRANSCRIPTION The Files are divided into sections hence transcribed different by professional transcriptionists. 2. REVIEW Sections are edited, and timestamps and speaker tracking are added. 3. PROOFREADING Sections are edited, and timestamps and speaker tracking are added by independent transcribers. 4. QUALITY CHECK The transcript is proofread a second time to ensure accuracy

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