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Lusoga(Soga) Translation Services

Soga, or Lusoga, is also a Bantu language spoken in Uganda. It is the native language of the Soga people known as the Basoga of the Busoga region of Eastern Uganda.

With over three million speakers, it is one of the major languages of Uganda, after English, Swahili, and Luganda.

However, it is largely restricted to the Busoga region, which is mainly within the natural boundaries of Lake Victoria .

English to Lusoga/ soga translation services

As the translation in Africa, we do translations of all kinds; could be documents, Academic, Immigration or any other.

We offer the Lusoga translation services in Uganda. We provide translation services for all fields to global clients including Organizations, Institutions, companies, business entities and individuals, among others.

Some of the fields we cover include, medical, law, business, accounting and finance, banking, agriculture, among others.

Additionally, we deliver quality Lusoga translation services in Uganda by native Lusoga translators.

Besides the Lusoga translation services, we also offer interpreting services, Transcription, Editing and proofreading, Subtitling, Revision, among others.

Why should you Trust us for Lusoga Translation Services in Uganda?

  • We are the best translation service providers you can trust in the country.
  • Our services are provided at competitive rates in comparison with other translation firms.
  • Additionally, we have a well-built competent and experienced team of professional Lusoga translators in Uganda to provide exceptional translation services.
  • Furthermore, we are reliable to clients and available 24/7 to serve them to satisfaction.

In Conclusion, the Lusoga(Soga) language translation is important due to the fact that it’s a widely spoken language around the Eastern part of Uganda. The Basoga mostly occupy the area around the River Nile. With this number of natives speaking the Soga language, we must agree there is a need for translation services and this is where Translane Africa Translations comes in.

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