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Lugbara translations services in Uganda

Brief about the Lugbara language,

 The Lugbara is also known as  Lugbarati is a language spoken in the West Nile region by the Lugbara people. These are mainly occupants in northwestern Uganda and parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo‘s Orientale Province.

The Lugbara and Aringa languages are closely related to the same dialect and this calls most Aringa speakers to be known as the Low Lugbara.

The Lugbara language is classified under the 5 clans of the (Ayivu clan, Vurra clan, Terego clan, Maracha clan, and Aringa clan.

Lugbara language was recently included in the Ugandan curriculum for some secondary schools in the West Nile region. This is due to its wider mean of communication in the west-Nile areas and it’s intended to help as a medium of instruction in the primary and secondary.

English to Lugbara / Lugbara translation services.

Translane Africa Translations offers professional translation services for English to Lugbara and Lugbara to English language pairs.

Our translators are well trained to handle all translation needs in this language with all necessary skills and expertise in your field.

With the aim to ease communication which we strongly believe impacts communities speaking this language, we are carefully investing our time to provide an error-free translation service. This has for years set us apart from translating the Lugbara language.

Why Choose us for Lugbara translations Services.

We have for years provided high-quality translations to many prestigious companies worldwide with excellent results.

·         Quality assured. We are committed to delivering a verified piece of work through proofreading before submission.

·         Affordable service. Translane African translations are committed to serving you. Our rates are therefore friendly to our clients with discounts offered.

·         Data protection assured- Your data is secure with us.

·         On time. We commit to deliver on time.

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