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Luganda Translation

Luganda Translation Services

The Luganda/Ganda (Oluganda as it is commonly known) is a Bantu language spoken majorly in the Central part of East African  Uganda.

It is one of the major and widely spoken languages in Uganda. As a second language, it follows English and precedes Swahili.

Luganda is predominantly used by about 6 million people living in the central region of the country Uganda.

Among the areas/regions in which Luganda is widely used include Kampala, Masaka, Wakiso, Luwero, Rakai, Kalangala, among others.

The Luganda language falls under the widely known “Ntu” languages which was a language spoken by the Bantu

The other Ugandan languages that fall under the same category and translated here include; Lusoga, Lugwere, Lusamia and Runyakitara languages (Runyankole, Rukiga and Rutooro).

Translating the Luganda Language

The language is both complex and expressive. Working exclusively in their mother tongue, our translators possess specialized industry expertise in many sectors and niche markets. Incorporating modern business terms, they are very good at facilitating your relationship with your Luganda associates.

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Only native translators can provide authentic translations quickly. Our same-day service quickly processes your short texts. We deliver the same precision for your longer and more involved projects to tight deadlines.

Why need Local Translations for Luganda Translation Services in Uganda?

Luganda Technical Translation

Our translation experts are skilled in all technical industries and specialties. If you need a manual, paper, or other document translated that is written in technical terms, our seasoned translators are able to handle even the toughest technically-specific language. Our areas of expertise include user manuals, financial documents, policies, applications, complex websites, terms and conditions, contracts, business proposals, and any kind of report.

Luganda Document Translation

We offer document translation for a limitless number of document types. Whether it’s an email, book, article, proposal, contract, or another type of text, we can handle it! We work with many different document types and formats and all manner of topics and niches.

Luganda Medical Translation

Although typically considered a technical translation, we’ve gone one step further. Medical translations into Luganda or to English require educated, qualified, and experienced professionals, so we have a group of native translators that specialize specifically in medical translations in the Luganda language. This is one area that you cannot afford to misinterpret! We specialize in translating medical reports, case reports, clinical trials, medical contracts, medical marketing materials including pamphlets and brochures, medical exhibits material, protocols or policies, and more.

Luganda Website Translation

If you have a website and need a translation, you’re in the right place. We translate everything related to your website, including your blog (if applicable), SEO content including meta tags, text, and descriptions, and all website content and pages.

We can cater to even the most specific topics of websites, including technical or business-related websites with more challenging and niche-specific language.

Localized Luganda Translation Services

As this language is widely spoken in a good number of countries all over the world, there are many different dialects that require a localized translation to be understood by those in that local community.

With our skilled native experts in localized translation services, we can give you an accurate and relevant translation.

With a good number of satisfied clients, Translane Africa Translations is proud to offer language translations of the highest quality.

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