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Certified translation.

Uganda is a multilingual country gifted with over 40 languages spoken. The need for certified translation has incrementally grown the recent years to ease and professionalize communication in local communities, government agencies, and education sectors.

This has therefore caused the need for certification of content from translators to match the demands from the different sectors.

What is a certified translation?

In a nutshell, When we say certified translation, it means a translated document that needs a signed statement from the translator or the translation agency verifying the accuracy of the translation and that the translated text includes everything in the original or source document.

A certified translation is a mirror image of the original document and shows the translation of trademarks, seals, notations, and other information and their location in the document.

A client should clearly state where he or she is using the certified translation. Any professional translator from Translane Africa translations services understands the requirements for certified translations

In addition, Most of our translators often obtain certifications from prominent certifying bodies as proof to be accredited as a professional translator which involves taking an exam. Uganda for this case has not registered any legal certification body for translations services but most acquire from international bodies like ATA,

Translane African translation has a list of house certified translators to help provide your translation needs. These translators are critically selected to provide accurate and professional translation services to our customers. 

Who needs certified translation?

Certified translations are often required by our clients for various reasons

 Procedures Government entities often require certified translations.
                             For example : 

  • Applying for a visa,
  •   Obtaining a driver’s license , 
  • Claiming public benefits

Similarly, legal proceedings, both civil (e.g. adoption, divorce) and criminal, may demand certified translations.
Educational institutions also require foreign candidates to submit certified translations of application documents (e.g. diplomas, transcripts.)

You need a certified translation, Tell us what you need. We can provide you with high-quality certified translation services with our experts in your language nitch and in different fields.



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