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Translane Africa translations, an African one stop Centre for all translations services.

Translane Africa translations is an African one-stop Centre for all translation services. We ease communication for private entities, organizations, government agencies, and single individuals with African and international communities and through Translation, Transcription, interpreting, subtitling, and proofreading services. All our translators are native speakers and above all specialists in your field. We are therefore committed to provide quality translation services and support to enable you to deliver your message at an affordable price.

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Many commercial services exist that will interpret spoken language via telephone. There is also at least one custom-built mobile device that does the same thing. The device connects users to human interpreters who can translate
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We offer a wide range of services and provide complete client satisfaction

Founded in 2017, Translane specializes in delivering high-quality language Translation services in Africa. Uganda is our operations base and Ugandan languages are fully covered.  Our agency is equipped with all skills in providing translation services covering several industries such as legal, medical, finance, technical, marketing, among others.

With a wide range of trusted clients that recognize the importance, value, and quality of our service across several. We have served several private entities, organizations, government agencies, and single individuals within Africa and international communities.

Through our team of dedicated project managers and translators, we are one of the most trusted language service providers for African languages.

Translane African translations has a team of 12 in-house senior translators of and editors and 16 project managers to Support our customers on any challenges in terms of quality, efficiency, and cost. We complement our in-house operations with a highly flexible pool of experienced and qualified external freelance linguists that collaborate in our projects on a daily basis to better our customers.

Our team of qualified linguists provides a wide range of language services such as;

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    As a language evolves, texts in an earlier version of the language—original texts, or old translations—may become difficult for modern readers to understand. Such a text may be translated


    Translators always risk inappropriate spill-over of source-language idiom and usage into the target-language translation.
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